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Hi, Ward Kendall here.

If you were born after the end of the 1970’s, you are a child of Post Euro-America.

Prior to that existed Euro-America, the America that I was born and raised in. Back then, everything that is widely considered “politically incorrect” by today’s social norms was an accepted, everyday, and welcome fact of life. True, the 1970’s were the transitioning decade, the decade after the passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act and the 1965 Immigration Act, by which the slow erosion of white America began. But it wasn’t until 1980 that it could reasonably be said that the “old America” was dead and gone.

More than Euro-America was gone, however. Also gone was America’s long-held ideological position as a staunch right-wing country. A new era had dawned, one championed by the growing emergence of a stronger, more virulent form of left-wing politics, riding the crest of the hippie generation, Woodstock, Vietnam war protests, the Black Panthers and Malcolm X, the rise of “hip” politicians like New Wave Democrat Bill Clinton, and the so-called Neo-Con Republican, otherwise known as a “RINO” (Republican In Name Only) to name but a few defining mile posts along the way. In short, the rise of that most insidious of all threats the United States has ever faced: Cultural Marxism─in all its myriad forms.

Yes, a lot died since I was born in 1954. But most of all it was America’s future. That was hardest to bear. By 1969 the world had landed the first human on the surface of the Moon–and he was an American. More telling still, he was a white American. At that moment, as I stood in the front yard of my family’s home in Colorado gazing up at the moon as Apollo 11 descended to the surface, the future seemed limitless. No sooner had Neil Arm-strong walked the Sea of Tranquility than there was talk about sending a manned expedition to Mars, so confident was America in her ability to conquer all that lay beyond.

But 1969 rolled into 1970, and before I knew it the seventies were gone, and so too the dream of American greatness. The dream of Mars died, replaced with the juggernaut of multiculturalism. America’s borders were being swarmed by millions of illegal Mexican aliens, and our cities were fast shading to brown. Every twisted “lifestyle” imaginable soon permeated society, from ho-mosexual men turning into transgender “women” to a black man commandeering the White House.

Whatever had happened, it wasn’t the America I recognized. Not by a long shot. We had been “taken over”, and though not officially by communists, it might as well have been; the goals were the same. It’s just that the war had been fought on the battlefield of our minds, instead of on land, sea, and air.

Today, we see the rubble-strewn landscape of America, every-where we look. In the minority-infested cities, in the militant ho-mosexuals and transgender monstrosities prowling our college campuses, in the halls of our corrupt, lying government, in our once white neighborhoods: moral and social devastation. This was not my vision of the America I hoped would come to be. If you’re here, maybe it wasn’t yours either.

In the end, we each do our best, in the time that we have. We either sit back and drift along in relaxed complacency, or....we stand up and fight. And by simply recognizing how our country’s been morally and racially gutted, half the battle has already been won. That's when the second half begins. That's when it's time to seek the future. 

The future as it was meant to be.